Jaleesa Scott is a part of our GED program at SA Youth. She was unable to achieve her High School diploma due to the unexpected arrival of her son, Torrian. During this time, Jaleesa’s grandfather became severely sick and since she was his main provider all of her attention went to him. She is a very strong and determined individual and when she sets her mind on something she gets it done. Jaleesa heard about SA Youth through a flyer and was firstly a part of our culinary program, but since that is currently not offered she is finishing her GED so that she can continue onto higher education and eventually become a pharmacy technician. Jaleesa said that one of the best things about SA Youth is that “they are willing to give second chances” and they “recognize your achievements and make a big deal out of them which is important because some people don’t even get that type of support from their families”.

Categories: Success Stories