Eleanor began attending the Downtown Youth Center at the age of seven. She found a safe, caring space at the center during times when her family was struggling to provide for them. Her mother was grateful for the centers because they provided a warm meal and help with homework—something she couldn’t always provide. Eleanor recalls not having transportation to get to the center, and more than often having to walk, but no matter what it was always worth it. Eleanor now has four children of her own which attend our Poplar Site. Her four children are: Luis, Armando, Star, and Amanda. In her own words “SA Youth has helped me a lot, and I am very thankful that they are still around. My kids enjoy coming to the center daily and do not like to miss”.

Recently, Eleanor has been facing some rough times and finds herself shuffling between homes with her children. The one constant and steady for the children is the Poplar Center where they are cared for and welcomed with open arms. However, this has been especially difficult for her youngest daughter, little Star, as this was her first time being away from mother. Star has become one of the main helpers for the Site Coordinator and is given plenty of important assignments so that she has little time to miss mom.
Eleanor mentioned that many of her friends and neighbors send their kids to SA Youth so they can learn about care, respect, and other core values. She feels that she is part of the SA Youth family and will forever be grateful to SA Youth.

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