Amanda Barrera_Success Story PHOTO

Amanda Barrera is a very strong individual who is currently part of our Youth Build program. Amanda is the proud parent of three doting children. However, her last child had a heart condition that could only be treated in Houston, so during Amanda’s senior year, she and her family were constantly driving back in forth for about eight months which took a heavy toll on her education. Sadly, her third child passed away and she stopped going to school altogether. Amanda realized that she needed to go back to school to attain her High School Diploma, which was always a goal she wanted to achieve. Currently, Amanda is attending classes to complete her High School Diploma and also working on gaining a Construction Certification through our Youth Build program. After this, Amanda wants to pursue higher education and study a vocation in the medical field. Amanda’s determination is fueled by her own desire to succeed in life so she can provide for her two children, her three year old daughter, Jordan, and her two year old son, Elijah.

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