Success Stories


Eleanor began attending the Downtown Youth Center at the age of seven. She found a safe, caring space at the center during times when her family was struggling to provide for them. Her mother was grateful for the centers because they provided a warm meal and help with homework—something she couldn’t always provide. Eleanor recalls […]


Jaleesa Scott is a part of our GED program at SA Youth. She was unable to achieve her High School diploma due to the unexpected arrival of her son, Torrian. During this time, Jaleesa’s grandfather became severely sick and since she was his main provider all of her attention went to him. She is a […]


Luis Medina is one of the hardest workers in our Department of Labor program–Youth Build. Back in 2009, Luis was involved in a horrible car accident that left him without both of his legs. He now gets around on a wheelchair, but Luis does not let this hold him back, and has kept persevering through […]


Amanda Barrera is a very strong individual who is currently part of our Youth Build program. Amanda is the proud parent of three doting children. However, her last child had a heart condition that could only be treated in Houston, so during Amanda’s senior year, she and her family were constantly driving back in forth for […]