Andrea G. Ozuna

Development Coordinator

Andrea was born and raised in San Antonio. She left to attend college in Kansas City, Missouri where she frequently volunteered with non-profit organizations and became extremely passionate about making a difference in her community. After returning to San Antonio in 2013, she began working for a startup non-profit and has since been working with local organizations in the San Antonio community. When she is not at work, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering at her church, and walking or playing with her two dogs, Betty and Bandit.

Why do you work for SA Youth: "I truly believe in Cura Personalis, which is the care for the whole person. I am committed to this organization and the care we provide for children and young adults in this community. Everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve success, and this organization works tirelessly to help build up the gifts and talents of youth in San Antonio."