Guiding Principles

At SA Youth, we are guided by core principles that direct our work with urban youth.

These principles include:

  • Understand the needs of urban youth
  • Effectively and efficiently meet a number of specified and documented needs through professional programs and services
  • Collaborate with other agencies to meet those needs
  • Promote SA Youth in the community and help the community understand our role in the city
  • Operate in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Employ a set of standard core values to direct our work and our business



We Believe...

  • At SA Youth, we are committed to the consistent application of core values and principles in working with youth.
  • Caring

    We promote a genuine interest in the welfare of all people.
  • Honesty & Integrity

    We conduct ourselves with transparency and honesty and maintain the highest degree of integrity in all we do.
  • Learning

    We are always learning new things and challenging the status quo.
  • Fun

    We make the best of each day and have fun in all we do.
  • Stewardship

    We practice personal and group accountability, providing timely information and being responsible with the trust and resources entrusted to us.
  • Embracing Change

    We are flexible and embrace the challenges of a constantly changing world.
  • Commitment to Green

    We are environmentally responsible and prepare youth to take an active role in sustaining our planet.

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