SA Fit!

The SA Fit! Program communicates the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The program uses physical fitness programs and nutrition education to fight food insecurities and childhood obesity. To fight childhood hunger, SA Youth provides nutritious food once a day during the school year and twice daily during the summer.

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Succeeding In School

Our Out-of-School Time program provides a diversion and outlet designed to prevent school-age children and youth from negative behaviors while also promoting academic success. We provide a safe place, caring adults, and positive activities during the out-of-school time when juvenile crime and delinquency peak.


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Starting Again

Our YouthBuild program provides unemployed high school dropouts a second chance to recover a high school diploma or GED, while learning marketable skills at the same time. This program engages young adults ages, 16 to 24.

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Take Action

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life